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Why You Should Wear Black This Summer

Often disregarded as a colour which only works in the winter months, black can be an under-utilised shade in our summer wardrobe.

Black is considered too reminiscent of winter, too absorbing of the sun’s warmth, too sombre and too heavy. However, black clothes in fact absorb our body’s heat and can be far more comfortable in the heat than white clothing.

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Now is time to tear up the style rule book and wear black this summer.


A stylish black summer dress is an incredibly chic and safe choice this summer. Browse the wide range of maxi dresses available at to find your perfect summer dress.

Firstly, consider the right summer fabric for your black summer pieces. It is important to avoid nylon and leather at all costs, as these fabrics are not breathable and are far too heavy for the sun-soaked months.

Instead, choose cotton, linen, light chiffon or even lighter silk. These fabrics allow your skin to breathe, which is crucial as the temperature rises.

Also, choose dresses with cuts that are not too heavy and show off a little skin. For example, a low-cut back, knee-high slit or cut across the shoulder will allow your sun-kissed skin to show and evoke days spent enjoying the sun.


Accessories make or break black clothing during the summer. Think tortoiseshell sunglasses, raffia hats and straw bags to really bring black into summer dressing.

Wear your black dress with simple slides or barely-there sandals for the ultimate summer in the city vibe, and try layering heaps of gold jewellery on your neck, wrists and ears for a glamorous touch.

Even occasion wear becomes simpler, as you could even wear black to a summer wedding and make any dress stress disappear. Make this look work by pairing it with a stylish shade of red lipstick, a bright satin headband and a colourful beaded bag.

Dress Styles

A simply draped strapless black dress is the perfect starting point this summer. Try this look with gold hoops and strappy sandals for attending daytime summer cocktails at your favourite bar.

For the beach, try a bardot off-the-shoulder dress in black. Pair this ensemble with raffia accessories in neutral shades and stylish sunglasses.

Change up your pristine linen shorts, white broderie dresses and seersucker blouses for stylish and understated black this summer.