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Tips from the pros for the best wedding day makeup

Your wedding day is certainly the day when you get most photographed and the day when you get a chance to look and feel most beautiful. Everything on this special day, needs attention, from the seating arrangements to the d├ęcor of the location, invitations and all the food. But something that should always stay on top of the list of your priorities, is your wedding day makeup. Because the photos last for a lifetime, you cannot make a single mistake in getting the best makeup on this day.

Make sure you have chosen the right people for the job of getting ready for your big day. This includes the selection of the hairstylist and the makeup artist as well. Wedding Hair and Makeup Houston is bound to be your problem solver in this case because this way, you can easily leave all the stress to them and relax as you are sure to get the best kind of makeup and hair styling from them.

Other than that, you still need some handy tips to work on for maintaining your wedding day makeup and to make sure that it looks perfect to the eyes and to the lens of the camera.

  • Take the weather into consideration when selecting your makeup. For example, the makeup for the winter should not be very dry or flat. On the other hand, the makeup for the summer season should not be too glittery.
  • Hydrated skin is the key to the best looking makeup on your big day. Therefore, make sure that you are drinking plenty of water before your wedding day.
  • Many a times, the freelance makeup artists, offer a free makeup trail before the actual wedding day. Give it a try and know how you would be looking on your wedding day. If you need any corrections, you can always tell the makeup artist about it.
  • Do use all the makeup that is in high quality and is water proof as well. This is because of the fact that the bride often cries and having a hands on blender with you, you can easily take help from a nearby person and blend your makeup readily.
  • Create a balance on your looks. If you are choosing Smokey eyes, then choose something light and natural for your lips. And if you want to choose dark color for the lips, keep your eyes neutral. This way a balance would be created on your whole face and the photos would come out perfectly well as well.
  • Keep some touch up items in your hand all day as well. for example, a bride should have a lip gloss or a lipstick to refresh it after lunch and some compact pressed powder for the face as well.
  • Sometimes, the yellow teeth are the killer in the smiling photos. Do make sure that you have applied a teeth whitening product on your teeth.