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How to Pick the Perfect Engagement and Wedding Ring

Shopping for the perfect engagement ring can feel overwhelming. You spent 2-months savings money, and now you are faced with the challenge of picking the perfect ring. Although you think you have an idea as to what you should purchase, you still feel a bit exhausted and confused. How can you be sure that the ring you pick is the ring she will love? How do you know what style cut your lady wants? With so many questions surrounding engagement rings, shopping for the perfect one can seem like a load bearing tasks. However, there are many tips and tricks that can be utilized to ensure that you pick the right engagement ring. Let’s take a look at some of the easiest ways to ensure that you purchase the most beautiful and unique engagement/wedding ring available.

Know How to Reduce Your Choices

Narrow down the list by knowing what style you are looking for. Does something like a simple band seem right or perhaps something with more embellishment? Would you like gemstones or diamonds, silver or gold or maybe something like platinum. Although this seems like a lot of choices, you can look at each of these styles and cuts to determine what you like best. Take a look at this page for a list of different style engagements rings.

Ask First, Buy Later

You could branch out and be unique. Try popping the question before buying the engagement ring. Many women want to be able to pick their own style engagement ring and by popping the question before purchasing, you allow your lady to pick what she wants.

Go for Something Different

Although the branded band with the gorgeous gemstones was at the top of the jewelers list, try looking at rings that aren’t noticed as much. By shopping around at different stores and looking at different ring options, you give yourself the ability to find the perfect ring. You can check out pawn shops and local antique shops to check out their collection of unique wedding rings for her.


The importance of the proposal goes a long way. Be sure to set the mood for the perfect romantic night. Check out proposal ideas here.

Know Your Budget

Knowing your budget can save you some heartache and wasted time. Be sure to stick to the budget you set. Do not feel the need to break your bank. Your lady will understand that everything needs to be budgeted. Luckily, engagement rings and wedding bands can be purchased as a set. This makes budgeting and shopping easier for most.

No matter what ring you go with, you should always take the time and diligence to properly look for what you want. Do not simply settle on something. Your future wife will appreciate the time and effort put forth for her engagement and wedding ring. Try to have a good time looking for the perfect ring. After all, this is a special occasion, and you will remember it for years to come.