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Baby Skin Care: Tips for Your Newborn

What’s better than your baby’s skin? You just can’t stop caressing it all day long and your baby enjoys the sensation just as much as you do. But protecting your baby’s skin can be challenging if you fail to adopt effective tips and infant products. So, use these 5 effective tips to help protect your baby’s delicate skin from diseases and skin rashes.

  1. Bathing Basics

The urge to bath your baby on a regular basis can be strong. However, frequent bathing could do them more harm than good. Your baby’s skin has natural oils that protect it during the first few weeks of life.

And bathing them on a regular basis removes these oils, making their skin dry and vulnerable. It could also cause eczema. The rule of thumb is to give your baby 2-3 baths every week using warm water.

  1. Frequent Diaper Changing

With all their importance, diapers can give your baby the most painful experience at the early stages of their lives. Its advised to change diapers on a frequent basis or as soon as your baby has used it

Wipe smoothly with baby wipes every time you change the diapers. And when you go shopping for baby diapers, ensure they are fragrance-free and of ideal sizes that fit appropriately.

  1. Be Mindful of Baby Products

Its important to use baby skin-care products that are specifically designed for them. This could be anything from bath gels to lotions, tear-free and fragrance-free shampoos. Even after making choosing your product, pay attention to the baby’s reaction to find out if he’s allergic to it.

It’s essential to maintain your baby’s skin moisturized and having a supply of lotions in your house would help. Deodorant and antibacterial soaps can be harsh on your baby’s skin and should not be used at this stage.

  1. Sun Protection

Keep your baby out of direct sunlight if you can. Unlike adults, babies can get sunburns in less than 10-15 minutes. One of the first things you can do to cushion your baby from sunlight is to buy sun protective clothing that is rated at UPF 50.

Dress them in lightweight clothing that covers their legs and arms on sunny days. Sunscreen could be the most suitable alternative to protective clothing if you plan to go out with your baby on a warm weather.

And if this doesn’t work for you, you can find effective residential services online that will keep your baby indoors and protect them from direct sunlight.

  1. Basic Laundry Tips

Your baby’s skin is extremely sensitive to chemicals, whether from your environment or new clothing. For this reason, wash all your baby’s clothes and linens before they use them.

The detergent used is just as important. While the vast majority may go for the normal washing soaps, you should only opt for gentle detergents while rinsing properly to ensure no traces remain on the clothes after washing.


Baby skin demands special attention. And you need effective tips and proper awareness to keep it healthy and safe from the appalling skin conditions. Here’s hoping the highlighted tips will help you take good care of your baby’s skin to boost their health and give them quality life in the long run.